One Day Bus Passes
(and why you should get one)


discount travel in Kanazawa
The Hokutetsu One-Day Bus Pass for Kanazawa

There is much of Kanazawa to enjoy on foot, enough in fact for days and weeks, but many travelers don't have the time or ability to hike it every which-way. Thankfully, Kanazawa also has an integrated bus system that can take you conveniently and comfortably to your next stop with relative speed.

One way bus rides through the most touristed areas of the city are 200 yen, a reasonable price for the time saved, but after just a few stops, that price quickly adds up.

However, with Kanazawa's One-Day Bus Pass, pass-holders can travel any number of times for only 500 yen (250 yen for ages 12 and under). Just show the pass to the driver as you exit.

Kanazawa one day bus pass

Purchase of the pass includes a map with routes for the Loop Buses, which cycle the city's best spots and are readily available to ride throughout the day. The pass can be used for the Loop Buses, Kenrokuen Shuttle Busses and any of Hokutetsu's red and white city buses on route to areas in central Kanazawa.

What's more, this pass gives you even more discounts at the locations listed below! (Discounts vary.)
• The Yasue Gold Leaf Museum
• Kanazawa Phonograph Museum
• The Izumi Kyouka Memorial Museum
• Terashima's Residence (samurai house)
• The Tokuda Shusei Memorial Museum
• Shima Tea House
• Kaikaro Tea House
• Seisonkaku (group discount only)
• Ishikawa Prefecture Museum of Art (group discount only)
• Ishikawa Prefecture Museum of History (group discount only)
• Kaga Honda Museum (a.k.a. "the Samurai Museum")
• Kaga Yuzen Traditional Industry Center
• 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art (group discount only)
• Kanazawa Noh Museum
• Nakamura Memorial Museum
• Great People of Kanazawa Museum
• D.T. Suzuki Museum
• Muro Saisei Memorial Museum
• Maeda Tosanokami-ke Memorial Museum
• Nomura Family Memorial Museum
• Nagamachi Yuzen Hall
• Shiinoki Complex (a.k.a. the 4th High School)
• Kanazawa Folklore Museum
• Kanazawa Yuwaku Yumeji Museum
• Kanazawa Edo Village
• Kanazawa Utastuyama Crafts Workshop
• Tentoku-in Temple

One-Day Bus Passes can be bought at Kanazawa Station, or at Kaname Inn Tatemachi and Kaname Bar & Café on Tatemachi Street in downtown Kanazawa.