Kaname Language Lounge (12月4日)

This Sunday, December 4th, from 2 pm to 5 pm, Kaname Bar servers as Kaname Language Lounge! We're inviting English, Japanese, and any foreign language speaker to hang out and chat freely. Please, join in!

  • Practice your language skills

  • Ask about recommended places to visit or eat

  • Share your favorite memory

  • Learn a new story

  • Find out what makes Kanazawa unique in Japan from the very people who live here

What to do:

  1. Come to Kaname Bar between 2 and 5 pm this Sunday.

  2. There, pick up a table top stand and fill in the blanks to indicate you're approachable for a language exchange.

  3. Join others who already have their stands set up, chat up our staff, or wait to start a different conversation at a new table.

See you then!