Art Display & Sale at Kaname Bar & Café


Akiteru Taka's work on display at Kaname Bar in Kanazawa

The works of Kanazawa resident artist Akiteru Taka (Instagram: @akiteru_taka) are on display and for sale now at Kaname Bar & Café on Tatemachi Street.

Akiteru Taka at Kaname Bar

Although his work includes cityscapes and slices of life, much of his work features anthropomorphic animals in relaxed poses or in a moment of activity: studying, singing, drinking, driving.

Akiteru Taka; dog in beret

Akiteru Taka's pig, cat, and gorilla in various poses

Prices for each work are set individually. Enquiries should be made at the bar.

Kaname Bar & Café has no seating or entrance fee. Visitors are welcome to peruse to the works.