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Are you looking for a breezy yet private room of your own, or a backpacker-friendly space to share with other travelers? Whether you stay at Kaname Inn Tatemachi or at Kaname Hostel, you'll be treated with friendly service in smoke-free environments, receive free wi-fi and be within walking distance of the Kanzawa's must-see spots.

logo for Kaname Inn Tatemachi, hotel in Kanazawa Ishikawa Prefecture Japan
Kaname Inn Tatemachi in downtown Kanazawa
Kaname Inn Tatemachi's double room
Kaname Inn Tatemachi's deluxe kitchenette and seating areas

Whether traveling to Kanazawa singly or with partners, Kaname Inn Tatemachi provides a private, leisurely respite.

+81 (0)76-208-3580

Please call the above number for room and booking information.
Online booking coming soon!

logo for Kaname Hostel on Tatemachi Street in Kanazawa Japan
Kaname Hostel is the big blue door on Tatemachi Street in Kanazawa
guests chatting at Kaname Hostel bunks
Kaname Hostel lockable bed cell

Designed to give independent travelers a comfortable and affordable place to rest between excursions through Kanazawa, Japan.

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